PayMyWay is a sustainable, customer-friendly payment solution for cash-intensive state-regulated retailers.
  • Grow Your Customer Base: convenient electronic payments and loyalty programs for your customers.
  • Long Term Sustainability: PayMyWay is issued by domestic U.S. banks which offer transparent banking services to cash-intensive state-related businesses.
  • Inexpensive: accept electronic payments for less than half the cost of traditional merchant acquiring and effectively free if you bank through Dama.
  • Get Your Money Fast: with our Rapid Access feature, retail purchases settle immediately into your Dama-managed bank account.
  • Get All Your Money: no rolling reserves, get 100% of your net purchase revenue with nothing held back.
  • Multi-Channel Payments: PayMyWay works in your store, online, over the phone, and for your delivery drivers.
  • Integrates with common POS systems or we’ll provide you a PayMyWay terminal.
PayMyWay is a cost-effective, convenient way to accept electronic payments from your customers.
  • Your customer creates a PayMyWay wallet on their smartphone in less than 2 minutes.
  • They load funds instantly using their debit card + PIN or from their bank account.
  • At checkout, scan customer's QR code using the PayMyWay terminal or integrated POS.
  • Payment settles instantly to your Dama-managed bank account.